MOLESTIA AURICULARUM "Execution" cdr - 2 tracks of HNW on Smell The Stench (2014)

MOLESTIA AURICULARUM/LE COSE BIANCHE "Vulnus" tape - Collaboration tape. self released.The plastic sleeve contains a black painted tape wrapped in an old sterile medical dressing and a piece of x-ray image. Cover photo by L.C.B. (2013)

MOLESTIA AURICULARUM "Cyanide" free download - 3 Tracks of filthy HNW Spettro Rec (2011)

MOLESTIA AURICULARUM "John 3:19" cdr - This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Toxic Industries  (2011)

MOLESTIA AURICULARUM/NASCITARI "Wall Box" C60/mini cdr - Cassette split Nascitari [lo-fi minimal h.n.w] Molestia Auricularum [h.n.w.]; mini cdr collab Necrostasi [Nascitari & Molestia Auricularum] Claustrophilia (2011)


2nd Spettro records compilation. Volume 3 - Dehumanized Free download on spettro rec. website (2013)

Dj Balli and His Intergalactic Noischerstra Live collective shittin' recorded on 19 May 2012 at Homework festival in Bologna. Free download on Spettro rec  (2012)
AAVV - Napalm Death You Suffer Compilation Free Download on Sirona Records (2012) 
AAVV - Underground X-treme Part 19 Free Download on shitnoiserecords (2012)
AAVV Floppylation 1.0 - 50 artists/50 tracks/50 seconds Toxic Industries (2011)